• 29257_Peace
    From Grace to Glory

    Jesus Is Already There

    The end of the school year is upon us. I’m graduating with my master’s degree, and I have a lot of life changes coming up. I’ve planned for these changes – finishing school, moving apartments, [...]
  • jeans-828693_1280

    Why It (Can) Matter What You Wear

    It’s hot again. It’s not even May and it’s hot. And since I now reside in Louisiana the humidity adds a whole other level of discomfort. Plus, I’m pregnant so there’s that too. The reason [...]
  • 13103455_888599988105_686539307186901390_n
    31:21 Mama

    Cooking With Katie: Berry Yogurt Popsicles

    With all the wonderful weather we’ve been having in Southern Oklahoma lately, with summer temperatures rapidly approaching, and the overpowering need to quench my pregnancy-related cravings for all things yummy and cold, I was inspired [...]

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