Katie Allen

Hi there, I'm Katie. I'm a follower of Christ, wife and mom to two great kids (Delton, age 2 and Adalae, <1). I love the written word: reading, writing and the like. I'd love to one day write a novel and see it published, but for now, I suppose I stay busy enough. I have a B.A. in Communication, specifically Advertising and Public Relations. 

My husband and I own and operate Nella General Store in Muse, OK. We have moved around quite a bit in our married lives (I guess you'd call us free spirits, I don't know…) but our roots are in Oklahoma, which is where we live currently. Working full-time and being a mom is time consuming, but in my free time I love to travel. Seeing the world is a passion of mine; I love to explore other cultures and places, abroad and also within the states. 

When I travel I am especially reminded of the great commission in Matthew 28, where every Christian is commanded to spread God's word to the world…we are to be the light in this world filled with darkness. I try to remind myself of that daily and strive to live by God's word.