• No Picture
    31:21 Mama

    Have Confidence, Christian.

      There are a few things I do well. I like things neat and organized. I enjoy structure and I feel enormously productive when I can check things off of my “to-do” list. It’s when [...]
  • Overcoming

    Press On

    As I sat attempting to press pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, which doesn’t sound as nice but is more accurate) the feeling of being completely overwhelmed took over. What do I say? Do [...]
  • Parenting

    Fathers and Sons:  A Mom’s Perspective

    A change is occurring in the Langford household.  At this point in the parenting journey, I was not prepared for this change.  Kevin, my husband, has become the cooler parent in Connor’s eyes! (insert audible [...]
  • Church Unity

    In Tandem

      I love musicals. The duets are usually my favorite, and this is certainly true of the musical Wicked. In the song “Defying Gravity,” the female leads share the following exchange: Think of what we [...]

Spiritual Growth


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