• 31:21 Mama

    Christian, You Should Be Different

    At the time Paul wrote this first letter to the early Corinthian church (about AD 50s), the city of Corinth, like many others in that area, were immersed in a heavily Roman and thus pagan [...]
  • No Picture
    31:21 Mama

    Have Confidence, Christian.

      There are a few things I do well. I like things neat and organized. I enjoy structure and I feel enormously productive when I can check things off of my “to-do” list. It’s when [...]
  • Overcoming

    Press On

    As I sat attempting to press pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, which doesn’t sound as nice but is more accurate) the feeling of being completely overwhelmed took over. What do I say? Do [...]
  • Parenting

    Fathers and Sons:  A Mom’s Perspective

    A change is occurring in the Langford household.  At this point in the parenting journey, I was not prepared for this change.  Kevin, my husband, has become the cooler parent in Connor’s eyes! (insert audible [...]

Spiritual Growth


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