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pic_drawer_hpk0viWhen it comes to making time for God, I feel as though I am the worst. While this probably isn’t true, let me try to explain my dilemma.

Just last year I was a senior in high school. I did my school online with a few college classes thrown in. I woke up whenever I wanted, worked whenever I wanted, and stopped whenever I wanted. This allowed me to wake up every morning (OK sometimes afternoon) easily able to write a prayer of thanks in my prayer journal. I got to stop at lunch and read my Bible and a few articles in Biblical magazines for an hour every day. I also got to attend nearly every church function, go to every church camp, and even several mission trips. I was at the top of my spiritual game! But then came college.

This past September I was so excited to get to start my first semester of college at Harding University. I knew it was a good Christian college that had many spiritual opportunities for me to join in and a wonderfully warm congregation for me to participate in. However, I did not expect the massive amounts of school work that were suddenly laid upon me. I now had fifteen hours’ worth of classes on top of two extra hours of work outside of each class (at least) per week. This means I was supposed to be doing thirty hours’ worth of work outside of class a week. On top of that, I also have a job that I work six hours a week at. That doesn’t even include the Girl’s Bible study once a week or the other activities I do with the congregation I attend.

This was such a big difference of time that I hardly knew where to squeeze time in with school work, much less God! Hang on a second… Much. Less. God?! Did I really just say that?

I have a feeling that I am not alone in this boat. What with society telling us that we are to be great at multitasking and that if we don’t do at least five different things at one time to fit everything in then we are not leading a good life. We all could use a reminder here and there. So here it goes: I encourage you, dare you, even beg of you, to just take about ten minutes of your day and read Ecclesiastes. Pay close attention to the words of the last chapter, things like: “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth” and, “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” Whew… What a strong reminder of where our hearts and minds should be.

Colossians 4:1-4 says that we are to think of things above. We should be constantly thinking of God and His work that he is doing in us. Notice that it says “Christ, who is your life…” Jesus is to be our life! But how can He be my life if I am so focused on constantly doing school work and fitting in my job? Doesn’t God want me to have a way of earning money? Doesn’t God want me to be a part of society? How am I supposed to give God my entire life?

Thinking about this topic of making time for God, I remembered something that I once told myself a long time ago. Giving God your life does not necessarily mean being bent over the Bible for four hours a day. It does not mean being hunched over a bed for hours on end in prayer. It does not mean attending every single church activity I can. Study, prayer, and fellowship are important and necessary parts of being a Christian, yes.  But giving God my life is more than that. Whatever I do, I do it for God. All of the classes I attend? I simply listen my hardest, study my best, and ace what I can… for God. That job I’m working at six hours a week? I show my Christianity to others I come in contact with, I act as the Christian from the Bible should act, and I give it my best… for God. All of these things that crowd my life and things that I think keep me from spending time with God, I turn it into something I am doing for God.

My life is no longer about myself and my happiness, it is about turning it around for the glory of God. And when we have this mindset, suddenly all of those hours that kept us frustrated and busy, suddenly become a joy and draws us closer to God than ever before.

Holli Davis
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Holli is an Oklahoma native and currently a student at Harding University.

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