A Gift From God

“I am thankful for my body. “ We hear a lot of things that people are thankful for around this time of year, but most of the time, this is not one of them.  It could be because around this time of the year, we find that our bodies slightly expand due to the enormous consumption of food we intake.  Typically, instead of saying we are thankful for our body, we tend to complain about this weight gain and how it is just so difficult to get motivated to lose this weight.  However, instead of complaining about our bodies, I propose that we DO thank God that He has given us our body (flaws and all) and begin really taking care of them.

image_oqujy9I have been a Biology major for the past 2 and a half years.  During this time, I have taken classes, such as Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, and others, that make me want to pull my hair out because of the enormous amounts of information these classes entail. However, they all seem to be about one thing: the human body.  I remember thinking in my freshman year that as I got further into school, the information would no longer be “new,” because there is only so much you can learn about one thing.  However, as I am now an upper level student,  I realize that after I am graduated and have my degree, I  still will probably not even know half of the details about the human body.  It is truly amazing how complex the body really is.  One of the good things about learning about it is that It always leaves me in awe of the God that has created each and every single one.   My God.  Your God.  Our Father.

God did not have to create us so intricately, but I believe He did it because He intended our bodies to be a gift from Him.  After all, it is the one thing that we will have on this earth from the day we are born, until the day we die.  God loves us, and we are His children.  I believe God did not want to just give us a gift, but His very best.  I am convinced that this is why He created us with such complexity.  How often times do we fail to thank God for this wonderful and spectacular gift?  How often times do we complain about the way it looks instead?    How often do we point out each flaw our body has, and how we wish we looked like someone else?

I think that we should start recognizing our bodies as a gift from God, and being thankful for the one we have.  I think this, above all other things, will motivate us to take proper care of it, and in doing so, show God our thankfulness for His marvelous gift.  It is a small, and yet big, way that we can honor the Creator.  I challenge you to remember your body when you are counting your blessings and the things you are thankful for, and also to not stop there, but truly begin to take care of it on a daily basis.

Jamie Thompson
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I am passionate about a lot of things in life, about being outdoors in God’s amazing creation, about knowledge, about church camp, about learning about the amazing human body, and most of all about my wonderful God and the souls He created. I love to help serve God in any way I can, and love being able to be part of this ministry!

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