Making Prayer Meaningful

August 1, 2015 0

Do you know that friend that always seems to have something to complain about?  Something is always wrong, there is always a reason to be unhappy, something is always holding her back from being happy.  […]

Real Love: Worth Fighting For

August 6, 2014 0

“Finally Gale is here and…when he opens his arms I don’t hesitate to go into them.” “No one else’s (Peeta’s) arms have made me feel this safe.” Does reading and/or watching the Hunger Games series […]

Two Stripes

August 6, 2013 0

Two stripes.  How could it be two stripes? They’d only been together three times.  That wasn’t even possible, was it? What would they all say?  What would it be like at school?  Would they stare […]

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