We, Not Me

July 31, 2015 0

“How can I sit here and eat an appetizer, meal, and then dessert when they aren’t going to eat all week?” “How can I think about changing into a new outfit every day when they […]

Everyday Missionary

July 30, 2015 0

Have you ever seen the movie A Walk to Remember? You know the movie based on the oh-so-romantic Nicholas Sparks book? Jamie Sullivan, played by Mandy Moore, is known a Christian outcast in her high school […]

What Christ Wants

January 24, 2015 0

I knew everyone said that when I went to college it would be so much fun and I would meet so many new people.  I believed what they said – it is fun and I […]

From Their View

November 12, 2012 0

Where are you serving and what led you there? Jillian My husband and I are the full time Administrators at the Cap Haitien Children’s Home in Haiti, which is currently home to 60 children ranging […]

An American Mission

November 12, 2012 0

Everybody has a voice that wants to be heard.  Every person you encounter wants their story to be heard and to feel that their life has value.  Loving people isn’t easy.  Those four verses in […]

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