You Don’t Need Money to Give

January 14, 2016 0

Last night, someone in California won a record-breaking $1.5 billion (that’s with a b, folks) lottery jackpot, which I first heard started hearing about when it was only at a measly $900 million. As could […]

What Does God Expect of Me?

November 3, 2015 0

Once, I was many things I am not proud of. Once, I made decisions based purely on selfish thoughts and desires. Once, I was not a good friend, sister or daughter. Once, I bought into […]

What’s Your Spiritual Motivation?

October 21, 2015 0

I joke that when I am buried under a giant pile of research, study guides, and clinic paperwork, I rethink: “What am I doing in grad school?”  I recently asked myself the same question as […]

A Holiday Challenge to Give and Not Get

October 19, 2015 0

The season of giving is upon us, with the much more aggressive season of getting riding its coattails – and actually getting closer and closer to overshadowing the giving every year (I’m looking at you, […]

Say Not That I Am a Child

August 6, 2015 0

“Oh well, they’re young.  Someday they’ll grow up; they just need to get this out of their system.” We hear people say this about teenagers that party, date around, or participate in other immoral activities. […]


August 6, 2015 1

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” –Acts 20:35b Around Christmas time, it seems that we are almost bombarded with people, organizations, and causes to give to.  Many start Christmas shopping months in […]

Serving = Loving

August 6, 2015 0

When you think about serving God, what comes to your mind?  Maybe you think of helping with special events at church like Vacation Bible School, helping teach a children’s bible class or tending the nursery […]

To Teach or Not to Teach?

August 6, 2015 0

Have you ever heard the phrase “Those who can’t do…teach?” Well I’m not sure who came up with that idea, but it couldn’t be more off base. And I’m sure most teachers would agree with […]

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