Courageous Moments

image_fiurxxHave you ever found yourself caught at a fork in the road that seemingly ends badly whichever way you go?  How do you choose?  Do you feel as if you are selecting the lesser of two evils?  Is one of the choices really as evil as you thought?  Do you seek God in the decision, or take the path that gives you an easy way out?

Meet Jael.  Her story begins in the Book of Judges, chapter 4.  The people of the Lord are in turmoil once again, because of the way they had turned from the Father.  There is a war going on and Jabin, the king of Canaan, sent his commander, Sisera, to destroy as many Israelites as he could.  This oppression had lasted for 20 years and finally, the people called upon the Lord to deliver them.

Deborah, a prophetess during this time, received word from the Lord that the people’s cry was heard and to assemble an army because God was going to deliver the commander Sisera into their hands, specifically through the hands of a woman.  Yep, Jael.  When Sisera caught wind that Israel had rallied themselves for battle, he took off with every troop he had to engage.  The battle was fierce, and Sisera fled in panic because of Israel’s determination.   God gave Sisera’s army into the hands of Israel and each of them was slain.

Meanwhile, Sisera snuck over to the tent of Herber the Kenite, and there he met Jael.  She ushered him into their tent, and gave him milk and tucked him in to rest from the battle.  Before he fell asleep, he asked her to keep watch for him and protect him from the Lord’s army.  Instead….she did the unthinkable.  As he slept, she took a tent peg and rammed it straight through his skull and into the ground.  The mighty commander of the oppressor had been killed by the hands of a woman, just as promised, and the 20-year reign of terror was ended.

Ok, now how does this apply to teen girls?  Just a disclosure; I am not telling each of you to walk around with weapons and slay evildoers.  I am, however, telling you to posses the calmness, resourcefulness, and grace of Jael through the turbulence called “teen life” when you face trials.  She was face to face with a real bad dude, and kept her cool.

You also will stand face to face with circumstances that wage war against the will of your Father.  What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to drive a “tent peg” into the situation and allow God’s will to prevail, or are you going to cover the circumstance up with a little blankie and wait for someone else to handle it?  Jael knew this was her chance to end the terror in her life and she took it.  This victory caused Israel to fight even harder against King Jabin, ended the oppression, and peace reigned for 40 years.  Acting against wrongdoing takes courage.  Maybe your tent peg is speaking out against an abusive relationship.  Maybe your tent peg is breaking up with that boy that you can’t keep your hands off of.  Maybe it is ‘fessing up to the test you cheated on, or standing up to a “mean girl”.

Whatever the case may be, we must all learn a lesson from Jael’s courage to face the problem head on and allow God to work out the victory.  Do not hide the sin in your life any longer.  Take responsibility, just as Jael did, and drive a wedge between yourself and the disaster in your life to make a stand for God.  Be an example to others that you have had enough and will not allow it to rule any longer.   With the Lord’s strength, and Jael’s actions, a whole nation turned back to God.  How many people will turn to the Lord in your life because of your courage to tackle sin?  Go on, I dare ya, take the strength of the Lord, and the “tent peg” and drive it through the sin in your life.  Christ gives us victory-draw from that fact, and live more courageously.

Ashley Hudson
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Ashley Hudson is a wife, mother to three, and redeemed by the merciful Savior. She and her family worship at the Madill church of Christ where her husband, Jake, is the minister. She writes a weekly blog called "There's An App For That" on Start2Finish, and is the author of the children's Bible class curriculum, GROW. Ashley enjoys unity found in the gospel, discount shopping, crockpot cooking, and football.

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