Don’t Let the Sunshine Slip Away

 “A time to seek, and a time to lose…”
Ecc. 3:6

image_5yzw4q_300x5000My mother, a farmer’s daughter, uses the saying sometimes, “you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines.” This was one of those mysterious mom phrases that I used to just nod and smile when I heard, because I had no idea what she was talking about.

I still can’t say I’ve ever made hay, but I do understand now that storms and droughts could be just around life’s corner.  Basically, all we have is right now.  So, you think you’ll have tomorrow to become the wise girl of God you want to be, and today, you’ll just hang out with your favorite books or TV shows?  Guess what? Tomorrow, you might be slammed with homework or devastated by asudden emotional upset.  If you’re able to seek out wisdom today, you must do it today.  If you’re able to reach out to someone who’s hurting today, you must do it today.  Any time you have time to seek out something, that is the appointed time for it.  There probably won’t be another time.

Be careful though, that you’re seeking out eternal things, not the things that don’t last. So what should a Katharos girl seek out? Believe it or not, we have to seek to lose our lives! Jesus said it is only through losing your life that you will truly find it (Matt. 16:25). Don’t look for your own glory (Prov. 25:27); don’t worry about physical things like food and clothing (Luke 12:27-31). Instead seek God and His presence (Ps. 105:4). Search for wisdom and understanding through His Word (Prov. 2:1-5). Seek to serve others, and you will find your true purpose—that’s when your soul comes alive and your heart starts to yearn for your true home of heaven.

So you’re seeking out godly wisdom and losing your life through Christ-like service. What happens when you lose it all? There’s also a time for that, you know. Even if we’re seeking the right things, God gives and God also takes away (Job 1:21). It’s important to remember that every good thing we have is a blessing from God, and not a result of our own work or merit (James 1:17). When it’s our time to lose, we must understand that it’s just part of this cycle that Solomon is writing about. A time to seek will come again.

Is the sun shining on you today? What can you seek out to make you a stronger girl of God? Delve into your Bible, write an encouraging e-mail to a friend who’s suffering, or help someone with a tough task, without any desire for reward. Maybe you’re suffering through a time of loss, when you can’t even remember what the sun’s warm rays feel like. Will you wait patiently for the sun to shine again, seeking God’s strength during this stormy time? Both are times all Christians must endure, but it is always our choice how we face these seasons.

Kim Mauck
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