Filling the Void

image_jw2rrnWe all think about those things we would change about ourselves if we could.  We’d have less leg hair, smaller noses, ears that don’t stick out, a little more or less in the “woman” department, and so on.  We compare ourselves to those around us and to those we see on our television, and find ourselves coming up short so often.
But then, we find that guy.  The guy that gives us attention.  That guy that tells us that we are beautiful and showers us with compliments and makes us feel desired.  We like that feeling.  We want it to continue, and we want to feel this way as much as possible.  One thing leads to another, and we find things that increase his desire for us even more.  We want to be wanted, and we find ways to make it happen.

What happens then?  So many girls sacrifice who they really are, the beautiful girl who was created in the image of God, to give themselves up to a guy in order to feel desired.  In the end, these girls feel worse about themselves for many reasons.  The guy who they “messed around” with, leaves her, making her feel more hollow, more undesirable than ever.  She realizes everything she has given up for a momentary pleasure.  She also, in her heart, knows that what she has done has separated her from her God and has made her unclean in His eyes.

Ladies, sexual behavior is not an answer to any void that we feel we have.  It is not a way to be happier.  It is not a way to feel desired.  It is not a way to improve our relationship.  Sexual temptation lures us in undetected in so many ways and promises us things that it is unable to do.  The only thing that sexual behavior before a marriage relationship does, is create a very big hole inside: A hole that God fills.

God gave us the desire to be wanted, but the greatest desire that He gives to us is a desire for Him.  It is a desire that we too often try to fill with other things, such as sexual fulfillment.  We don’t need to fill a hole that only a holy God can fit in to.  When our desire is for Him, above all things, He fills every other desire that He has instilled within us.

How does He fill this hole?  He desires us.  He tells us that directly, and He shows it to us over and over again.  When we really find truth in the fact that He made us in His very own image (Gen 1:27), that He purchases us with His very own Son’s blood, that He directs us through this life in such a way that we can have eternal life with Him in Heaven, and that we are a part of His eternal plan, we see that we are desired.  We see that no one, not a single person here on earth could ever desire us to that extent, and we know that we don’t have to search other ways to be desired any longer.

You may be a girl who realizes everything she has with God leading her life.  You may be someone who is looking to be desired.  You also may be a girl who has already realized what harm comes from searching to be desired in this way.  Then, you could be a girl who continues to be in a relationship based on this search for desire.  Remember that we cannot go back and change anything, but God does allow us to move forward.  He forgives the past, and calls us to choose Him in the future. Wherever you may be, see God’s desire for you and then desire Him back. Choose Him.

Jamie Thompson
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I am passionate about a lot of things in life, about being outdoors in God’s amazing creation, about knowledge, about church camp, about learning about the amazing human body, and most of all about my wonderful God and the souls He created. I love to help serve God in any way I can, and love being able to be part of this ministry!

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