Girl Soldier: Not Just a Halloween Costume

image_fpcit8You’ve got your math book and homework, your English essay, your make-up bag for after gym, and your lunch money.  Are you forgetting anything? One last look around the room, when you suddenly realize…you forgot to put on your pants! 

This would never happen, right?  You would feel vulnerable, naked, exposed!  You could never get out of the house half-dressed.  And yet, some days you might leave without getting ready for the battle you’re going into.  After all, each day God wants us to fight the “spiritual forces of wickedness” (Eph. 6:12).  So are you ready? Just as the powers we Christian girls fight are invisible, so is our armor. But that doesn’t mean it’s not crucial for being ready for this, the only fight that matters in our lives.

Ephesians 6:14-17 lists these steps we girl soldiers need to take to be fully protected and ready for our daily battle:

  1. Gird up your loins with truth: The loins, or the area between your legs, is obviously a tender area, so we can’t leave it unprotected.  The truth is a powerful antidote to evil, and the best place to find it is in God’s Word. It’s important to read your Bible daily so that you’re protected from Satan.
  2. Put on the breastplate of righteousness: Doing the right thing protects from evil. When your friends know your character from your actions, they won’t invite you to sinful parties or bring you into other sinful situations.
  3. Shod your feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace: A girl soldier has to be ready to walk to those who need the Gospel. When someone needs to hear God’s message of love, hope, and peace, be ready to meet them where they are, and share His message from the heart.
  4. Take up the shield of faith: Knowing and believing that God will protect you is enough to protect you. Satan can throw you all the fiery arrows of temptation and hate bombs he wants, but if you have faith, they’ll bounce off your shield like Nerf toys.
  5. Take the helmet of salvation:Your head is another area that every soldier has to have covered, and God gives us the promise of heaven to keep our minds focused. Set your mind on the hope of eternity with Jesus, and all of earth’s drama, temptation, and hatefulness fade away, unable to reach you.
  6. Take the sword of the Spirit: Not only does God’s Word protect you from evil, it’s also what you use to fight! Jesus responded to all of Satan’s temptations with Bible verses, so should we know God’s Word well enough that every temptation has an applicable verse that stops Satan cold.

You’re a lot of things everyday: a daughter, a student, a friend, and more. But never forget that you’re also a soldier. To get ready for all the challenges of your day, you need much more than clothing and homework:  you need the full armor of God.

Kim Mauck
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I'm Kimberly Mauck, a gal living her happily-ever-after, sort of. I love my life being wife of a handsome but usually dirty homebuilder, mom of four lovely girls, writer of travel pieces, inspirational articles, and occasionally, miraculously, young adult fiction. I also teach freshman composition part-time at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Reading and writing are the best ways I've found to make sense of the world and find my voice and ministry, so I do both everyday.

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