Good Comes Out of Everything

image_v9dhwoForgive and forget.  That is a saying I’ve heard for as long as I can remember.  When I  was 8 or 9 I thought I understood it, but at the ages 8 and 9 nothing really bad ever happened to me.  The biggest thing I had to worry about was finding my lost teddy bear.  Now at 14, as a freshman in high school and part of a youth group that is hurting right now, I fully understand forgive and forget.  Recently, my youth director/school teacher made a mistake.   He is no longer my school teacher or my Bible class teacher.  He was the person that held all the people in my youth group together.  He pointed out what we were doing wrong and made us think about what we were doing.  Frankly at the time it was quite annoying, but now that he is gone I understand he wasn’t doing it to be rude or annoying but to keep us strong Christians and on the right path.

My whole youth group strongly relied on him to tell us what to do and to encourage us.  After his mistake we all started to lean on each other.  We are a pretty strong youth group now.  We have no “leader” other than God but we all stand strong for each other and make it work.  When I first found out the news I was sad…. then mad.  I was SO angry with him.  How could he hurt us, hurt me, hurt God like that.  As the days and weeks went by, I began to miss him telling us what we were doing wrong and the encouragement he gave to us.  I soon realized that he had made a MISTAKE and yes it hurt everybody around him but he already knew all this and regretted what he did more than anything.

I finally realized after weeks of pain that I needed to forgive him.  He did so much good for my youth group.  He started a youth group in my home town, he kept our spirits high, he planned fun events where Christians could be around each other, and in the end he brought us closer together and closer to God.  Most importantly, he taught us to forgive and to forget.  Good comes out of everything, but so many great things come from that one mistake.

Micaela Curtman
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Micaela is a southern Oklahoma girl currently living in Tennessee.

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