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The end of the school year is upon us. I’m graduating with my master’s degree, and I have a lot of life changes coming up. I’ve planned for these changes – finishing school, moving apartments, starting a job, no longer identifying as a “student.” I feel comfort in these planned-for changes, falsely believing I figured everything out myself (if guardian angels are a thing, mine has a full-time job humbling me). If you are graduating from any level of education, or about to experience a lot of life changes, this is for you.

I was in a similar position two years ago as I was finishing up college. I had plans to move to a new city, make new friends, live in a new apartment, become a new member at a church, and start a new school. I did all of these things, with one giant wrench thrown in – I was grieving the unexpected passing of my dad, right at the brink of all these changes. A good friend commented today, “I don’t know how you made it through grad school while dealing with that loss.” I told her, simply and truthfully, “The Lord brought me through.”

If you are going to a new school, starting a new job, ending an old, familiar relationship, moving to a new place, and diving headfirst into a world of unfamiliar – our sweet Jesus is already there. He may not have paved a smooth path for you, but every thicket and branch you break through can either break you or bring you one step closer to Him.

If you are craving these changes I’m talking about but are stuck in a rut, living daily in a monotonous schedule, uncertain anyone appreciates you, up to your ears in routine – our Father hears you and is with you. He who is faithful with a little will be faithful with much (Luke 16:10), and I believe very much the Lord prepares us for much – even if it seems little.

If you are in the middle of so many life changes you feel like you’re sinking, look out of your pitiful, manmade boat – look to Jesus standing on the water, hand outstretched. Sometimes He calms the storm, and sometimes He just calms you while the storm rages on.

If you planned for changes that just aren’t happening yet, applied but didn’t receive, tried but didn’t succeed – your Creator is there in the midst of your waiting. Sometimes the only lesson truly is patience (my least favorite lesson to be taught!). Be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord (Psalm 27:14).

Wherever we are, we have the I AM. Oh, what sweet comfort in that knowledge! I love the song “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle, especially the lines below:

“Your ways are always higher
Your plans are always good
There’s not a place where I’ll go, You’ve not already stood.”

There is no place in the entire universe we cannot go that the Lord has not already been. There is no change, no sin, no death, nothing that happens without the Lord’s knowledge and presence. This doesn’t mean he ordains everything and plans (or is pleased with) every aspect of our lives. What a daunting, loving gift of free will! But no matter what foreseen or unforeseen changes come while we live in these temporary bodies, the Lord is there. Take comfort in His presence.

Caroline Wallace
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I'm Caroline! I'm a graduate student in speech-language pathology in Fort Worth, Texas. I love to travel and go new places and chance I get. I'm out of control with my obsession with my dog, Olaf. I also love the Spanish language and Mexican food with a deep passion. Most importantly, I love the Lord and I hope to offer you practical ways to know and share Him more!

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