Snow Days

image_y1duoeFor the past three days i have been out of school because of the snow. When I first heard that we were out things like sleeping in, snowball fights, and watching movies were the first and only things that came to mind. I was totally excited about my days off until I was informed that I would actually be cleaning my room and cooking food. I was not a “happy camper” so to speak after hearing that news. I pretty much made up my mind then that I would be miserable throughout my “break”.

On the first day I got away with watching Hallmark movies with my mom. The second day I wasn’t so lucky. I spend the first part of my day playing outside in the snow with my sister and two dogs then mom put her foot down and told me to get inside. I then texted my next door neighbor who also happens to be one of my best friends. I went and picked her up and we then not only hard core cleaned my room but also re-organized it. We had fun doing it. Although I could have made the situation that I couldn’t change boring and I could have been in a bad mood, I made it fun. We laughed and made jokes and even jammed out to some music.

The quote, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”, comes to mind right now. Have fun with the things you can’t change. Although cleaning my room isn’t that big of deal, make life situations that are tough on you and the people around you more bearable. You can make your hour, day, week, or even month easier to handle for not only yourself but the people around you. Make sure to smile because they are most definitely contagious!!!

Now today on the third day as i sit in my newly re-organized room with one of my best friends sitting beside me I have the freedom (from my mother of course) to go outside and play or sit in here and watch movies. Yesterday I cleaned my room with one of my best friends all while honoring my mother. (Ephesians 6:1-2) So all in all snow days are my favorite days of this new year. Live well, Laugh often, and Love much!!!

Micaela Curtman
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