The Real World

imageancfwcMay all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you! May those who love your salvation say evermore, “God is great!”
Psalms 70:4 (ESV).

“Did you hear the news?”

“Yeah she’s a mess right now. I saw online that it was a DUI charge, right?”

“Yeah that’s what I heard too. Man, if I had all that money I would find so many things to do with it besides getting DUIs for goodness sake!”

You may or may not know who the previous conversation is referring to. This time it’s Amanda Bynes’ recent run-ins with the law but it could be any celebrity in Hollywood. This conversation is heard everywhere in America. It can be heard in the dentist’s office, the grocery store, or maybe even your own home.

Every time I think of celebrities I think of how lucky they are to have their own hair and makeup stylist, the massive closets they must have, and jewelry collections that are bigger than the Forever 21 in my local mall. How cool would it be to look beautiful in all situations? How amazing would it be to always get a coffee from Starbucks in the morning and drive a Range Rover and always have lovely pictures of you on glossy covers of magazines?

Now let’s picture this a different way, shall we? Imagine you’ve just been through a nasty breakup with your boyfriend, you’re tired out of your mind because you took a red eye flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles the night before and your phone is ringing off the hook. You just want to wear your favorite sweatpants and a messy bun and go grab a coffee. But when you do this, photographers attack you asking about your recent break up that you really don’t care to talk about, and a picture of you looking wretched appears on every magazine in every city in America with a headline that screams “Depressed After Breakup?”

Which life would you choose? I think having a huge closet would be awesome but I like my sweatpants a lot more. I like pigging out on a burger without having tabloids label me as “insensitive to animal rights” or “eating away her sorrow after recent breakup.” I enjoy lazy evenings at home and sleeping in late and worshipping with my local congregation each time they meet. I like making my own schedule and living in the real world.

Let the record show that celebrities do not live in the real world. They have current events told to them by their managers, their clothes are purchased for them, and they never even fix their own hair. So why do we look up to these people that are good singers or good at reading lines off a page? Why do we care to waste any time at all to discuss their lives? The better question is, why do we desire their lives and look up to them?

I am thankful and you should be too. I am speechless at how blessed I truly am in my life. No, I don’t have a personal trainer and makeup artist. No, I do not drive a Range Rover and wear Christian Louboutin pumps to wild parties thrown for me. But I have something even more wonderful than any of these things; I have eternal life awaiting me with my Father in Heaven. We all should focus more on finding good positive role models in our lives instead of criticizing the not so great people that some call role models.  Our churches are filled with Godly men and women who are real examples for living the types of Christian lives we should aspire to lead.

Next time you glance at the magazine stand and see an awful picture of some celebrity, don’t be so quick to cast your holier than thou look and roll your eyes.  Imagine if every minute aspect of your life was publicized; we’d all be in trouble! And most importantly, please, please, please, remember to be thankful for the wonderful life you are blessed to enjoy. God is great and we are a blessed people.

Holly Beth Pannell
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Holly Pannell is a Management Information Systems major at the University of Oklahoma. She attends church at the Penn South Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, OK. She works at the University of Oklahoma in the admissions office and likes being in the middle of the action at her college. She is the oldest of three—all girl—and live in Norman, OK. She enjoys dinner with friends, Sooner football, John Green books, following politics, late night bowls of cereal, and The Office reruns.

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