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image_8ztw90Dating.  The wonderful courtship full of vulnerability, excitement, new adventures, old habits, jealousy, self control, and knowledge.  When young women choose to date, they begin to discover the crazy world of the male mind and how to be a compatible mate to some lucky bachelor.  Dating lets us discover who we are as a partner, and what to look for in a partner.  We learn how to communicate, and we must learn how to endure and control the temptations that come with dating.

I surveyed a few of my younger, single, amazing Christian guy friends (wink wink) and asked them what they are looking for in a girl.  The results were music to my ears.  They wanted a “girl after God’s own heart”, a girl with self confidence, and reassurance in their Lord.  These guys, ladies, are the ones you need to be searching for.  It is a gamble to bother with a guy whom you feel may have the potential to be a good guy with your guidance.  There are plenty of guys all around you who are decent, God fearing individuals looking for a girl who devotes herself to the Lord first, and then saves the rest of her irresistible charm and encouragement for her special guy.

I have compiled a list of qualities that Christian guys look for in a Christian girl.   Notice how all of these qualities reflect what God wants for us a well.  It is my prayer that all of you strive to become “the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.” (1 Peter 3:4) and very precious to Christian guys too.

  • “I want a girl who dresses modestly and appropriately.  I hate to think that one day, she would be my wife, and what was supposed to be my own special body to enjoy, would have already been on display for anyone and everyone to see.  I like the fact that modest dressed girls keep their bodies hidden, like a special present for me and me alone to peek at on our wedding night and for the rest of our lives.”
  • Among other things, I want a girl who has saved herself for me.  I have been holding out for her, and making conscious decisions to keep my virginity, and I hope that one day, the girl I end up with has thought of me as just as important.”
  • Physical appearance lights the spark, but personality keeps me interested.  Physical appearance is not based on body structure, but more doing good with what you have.  Example: I hate girls that layer on makeup.  Chances are they have a beautiful face if you could see it through the makeup.”
  • “Self confidence is a HUGE for me.  Walking around campus I will AND do notice a girl who’s maybe not as attractive that smiles all the time and is so uplifting and confident, before I notice a beautiful girl that is paranoid about her appearance or insecure, criticizing others to make themselves look better.”
  • “I want a girl who is willing to spend time with me, girls are the most beautiful when they are just being themselves, and not worried about what others think of them.  Pretty is on the face, but true beauty is in the soul.”
  • “It seems the older I get, the Godly qualities become far more important and attractive…God has taught me that it’s the heart of a person that brings true happiness.”
  • “I like those girls who just have that extra something about them.  I look for the light that is glowing from the inside out…it’s pretty irresistible.”
Ashley Hudson
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Ashley Hudson is a wife, mother to three, and redeemed by the merciful Savior. She and her family worship at the Madill church of Christ where her husband, Jake, is the minister. She writes a weekly blog called "There's An App For That" on Start2Finish, and is the author of the children's Bible class curriculum, GROW. Ashley enjoys unity found in the gospel, discount shopping, crockpot cooking, and football.

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