Worry Less About Earth and More About Heaven

As I sit in my dorm room at the beginning of dead week of my second semester of freshman year, I am reminiscing.  Thinking back to all the amazing blessings that came with freshman year.  Some of these include joining a great club, finding out more about myself, strengthening my walk with with Christ, getting a 4.0 first semester, and having a great roommate.  I realize how truly blessed I am. Along with these great blessings and opportunities came many great opportunities to serve the Lord that I passed up.  Why did I pass up a chance to let me light shine?  Worry.  Worry held me back from being the Christian that I should have been.

For as long as I can remember, I have excessively worried over everything, things I have zero control over.  “Does he like me?”, “Are they talking about me?”, “Am I really doing my best?”, “What am I going to do with a whole extra month of summer?”.  All of these are questions that have run through my head multiple times in my life, even hundreds of times.  Growing up in the church, I have heard my entire life “Do not worry, God has got this.” While I totally agree with this statement, I also think there needs to be more said.  Yes, God has a plan and will take care of us, but how does that make the questions constantly running through your head disappear?  It does not.  We are all human and we are going to worry.  No matter how hard we try not to, no matter how hard we pray, it is just in our human nature.  I believe that there is a spin to put on worry to make it positive.

You might be wondering how you can put a positive spin on worry when we are told our whole lives not to worry, but I have the answer.  Worry about heavenly things and your earthly worry will disappear.  Like I said earlier, we are going to worry, so why not worry about if we are living for God? As it says in Matthew 5:6, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”  God calls us to be his children and glorify Him in all that we do, yet we rarely ask ourselves, “Is what I am about to do the best way to glorify God?”.  Instead, we tend to say “What will get me most liked?” or in my case “How can I get the best grades?”.  We should not worry about earthly things.  They will give us no reward in eternity and some things we cannot even control so we are just wasting our time. As Jesus says,  “Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matthew 6:27).  We gain nothing worrying about things we cannot control.  Instead of spending your days worrying about grades or how to be more popular, worry about how to let your light shine to others.

There have been Sundays where I was so worried about getting my homework done that I skipped class and only went to the worship service.  I was so worried about an earthly matter that I did not think about God and how my decision would benefit Him. Honestly, I got no more done when I skipped Bible class than I did when I went to it.  I challenge you to look around at your life and find your own examples.  Don’t be like me and look back at life just to realize how many opportunities were passed up because you were busy focusing on things of no importance in eternity.  Now don’t get me wrong, grades matter, but not to the extent of losing beautiful opportunities to serve the Lord. Friends matter as well.  But what really matters is are they friends that are going to get us to Heaven and are we being our best example to them?

We are obviously going to worry, but any time you start to worry think about how you can glorify God and pray to Him for comfort. God is all powerful and more than able to provide for our every worry.  But if we are not putting God first how can we expect to see the blessings in our lives?  We could easily sit here and worry our lives away about small earthly matters, or we could make it our goal each day to worry about getting to heaven and making sure that our every action reflects the beauty of God. It is hard to look at things in the perspective of Heaven, especially during your freshman year of college.  So many things in our lives have changed, but God has not (Hebrews 13:8).  So let’s honor Him by doing our best each day to put our trust in Him!

About Olivia Baker 1 Article
Olivia is a nursing major at Harding University.  She was born in raised in Texas and is a member at Lewisville Church of Christ.  She enjoys hanging out with family and friends, studying, and going on adventures.  Living each day to be a servant of Christ to her best ability.

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